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Brofer RDCD25SK

Brofer RDCD25SK

Advanced Filters for Brofer RDCD25SK, Brofer RDCD25SKE, Brofer RDCD25SKC, Brofer RDCD25SKHE, Brofer RDCD25SKHCE, Brofer RDCD25SKHC, Brofer RDCD25SKH Heat Recovery Ventilation Units (MVHR)

Elevate your indoor air quality with our top-tier analog Brofer filters, designed for perfect compatibility with Brofer RDCD25SK MVHR. These filters optimize performance and provide robust protection against pollutants.

Brofer RDCD25SK filter dimensions: 213x196x23,213x196x48 mm.

Available options:

- Filter set: G4+G4, Coarse 75 % / Filter F7, ePM1 70%.

Our wireframe and panel Brofer filters rigorously adhere to ISO 16890 standards, with exceptional filtration efficiency confirmed by FIATEC lab tests in Germany. Crafted from EU-sourced high-quality materials, our innovative 3-layer filtration material ensures optimal performance.


- Low prices.

- Tested efficiency

- Extended filter lifespan.

Includes a 2-year storage guarantee. Trust in our EU-manufactured filter excellence.