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Daikin VAM350J / VAM350FC / VAM350FA

Daikin VAM350J / VAM350FC / VAM350FA

Advanced Filters for Daikin VAM350J, Daikin VAM350FC, Daikin VAM350FA Heat Recovery Ventilation Units (MVHR)

Elevate your indoor air quality with our top-tier analog Daikin filters, designed for perfect compatibility with Daikin VAM350J / VAM350FC / VAM350FA MVHR. These filters optimize performance and provide robust protection against pollutants.

Daikin VAM350J / VAM350FC / VAM350FA filter dimensions: 375x260,725x165 mm.

Available options:

- Filter set: G4+G4, Coarse 65 %.

Our wireframe and panel Daikin filters rigorously adhere to ISO 16890 standards, with exceptional filtration efficiency confirmed by FIATEC lab tests in Germany. Crafted from EU-sourced high-quality materials, our innovative 3-layer filtration material ensures optimal performance.


- Low prices.

- Tested efficiency

- Extended filter lifespan.

Includes a 2-year storage guarantee. Trust in our EU-manufactured filter excellence.